peeking through the haze

It’s me! Julie B. 


am brimming,

Glowing with giving energy.

An out poor of love

dripping over my finger tips

until my once flowy attire

gives my means a more womanly end

by soaking and sticking to the curviest parts of my bends.



A Woman

Disspite all my efforts to push myself into the realm of



Indipendant wild child


free as a bird loon loopy on grass

I am just a woman.

Just an average little girl

with an all consuming need to care

I’m not a fan of pain, ignorance, or excision.

I hail from the frozen north, but will try to melt your heart

I’m into all forms of art, loving, pure living, and happiness

I spend my days in hazy dreaming clouds, so this is my way to blow smoke up the rest of your bu— uhh brains

you know level the playing feild

either way this is where I’m ranting now, for my old stuff check the link on my lamer internets page