Partaking and Sharing in The Forest of Fuzzerfluff

Once upon a time…

in a forest infested with an ever present rhyme there were three oddly paired friends who saw each other all of the time. There was Billy Burton the Bunny who did nothing but good, Wesley The Weasel who could only do the things he never should, and Felicia Phillips the fox who would ho hum and haw until all possible outcomes had been understood.

One day this fox weasel and hare were talking about the ways they all share. Billy of course says “Share and share alike!” Which is all well and good until you go ahead and share something you really like- like say your new carrot powered baby bunny bike, thats not built for Weasels but he’s your friend so, whatever right? But when they finally return it, the sight was a sad unrecognizable carrot powered fright. Certainly Billy’s lending method isn’t always the most bright. Wesley, surprisingly, would never share. Not his games or his bike, his food or how to do dance moves, not his toys or new grooves, not directions, or even fresh rhymes, certainly not his affection and time least of all ever to prove he that cared. Pretty soon, it’s safe to assume, that sharing tactic will take you to the lonely luxury of a friend free toy room. Now Felicia had a different approach if and when the subject of lending was broached. When sharing she would write down who had what without exception and made it explicitly clearly spoken that trust (like bunny bikes) could be broken and that she would be paying attention.

This seems like the logical spot to stop and mention that if making (and keeping)  friends is your intention it’s important to learn boundaries and to be aware that best friends (fuzzy or human) know how to share.